Subscribers-Only Content on your WordPress Site!

Provide premium content, coupons or something else only to your subscribers. And grow your email list while doing it!

Easier way of restricting content

No Payments

Remove the headache of handling paments on your site.

By using reliable payment solutions (Gumroad, LemonSqueezy…) and subscribing/tagging customers, you can still restrict to paid subscribers.

No Registration

Visitors enter their email. If subscribed to the list, they’ll see the content.

If not, they can see a subscription form to subscribe right there (if you allow it).

Integrated with Popular Newsletter Systems

How it works?

1. Connect with the Service

On the NewsletterGate settings, enter the settings for your newsletter system.

2. Use the Shortcode

Once connected, you’ll see all your lists. Copy the shortcode next to it and wrap the content you want to restrict.